Energy Healing FAQs

energy healing in an office

What is energy healing?

We are all made of energy, so we are able to manipulate the energy around us. Energy healing is a modality that helps clear negative energy from your system.

How does it work?

The practitioner uses their energy to influence the client’s energy. The client is resting in a comfortable position as the practitioner helps get them in a relaxed state then guides the client to clear the negative energy out of each chakra.

How is it going to benefit me? 

Energy healing is great to relieve stress but it also can change your outlook on life. Clearing negative energy can rid the client of past hurts and grudges as well.

Is it going to last long term?

Yes! It can last long term but that depends on how well the client can really let go of the negativity. Some people need to have several sessions while others may need only one.

Do I need to prepare anything?

The only thing you need is a positive attitude.

What would I feel? Does it hurt?

Energy healing does not hurt. You may become emotional at times depending on the energy you are letting go of. Some people will feel tingling or warm sensations.

How often do I need this service?

This is all dependent on the client. Some people are great at letting negativity go while others have so much that they have dealt with that it may take several sessions. It is also recommended to get follow up when you are feeling stressed.

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