Class IV Laser FAQs

class iv laser stationary

What does the Class IV laser do exactly?

The Class IV laser uses an infra-red electro magnetic energy that stimulates the mitochondria to produce ATP. This will increase cellular regeneration, decrease inflammation and pain, reduce scar formation, improve vascular and metabolic activity, and improve nerve function.

Does the Class IV Laser hurt?

No. Our patients report the experience to be pleasant and relaxing. The Class IV laser makes direct contact with your skin. So you may feel some slight warmth throughout the session, but it does not hurt.

I have had laser treatments before and didn’t have to wear glasses. Why do I have to wear glasses with this laser?

Not all lasers are created equally. Most chiropractic offices offer class IIIb lasers. Class IV lasers are much stronger than class IIIb, providing faster and better results. You have to wear specially made glasses due to the possibility of blindness if the laser were to shine in your eye.

How long before I see and feel results?

The literature recommends treatment 2-3 times a week for a couple of weeks to see the best results. However, the vast majority of patients have been noticing a difference immediately after treatment. Every person is different, so results may take longer in some people depending on the severity and type of injury being worked on.

After treatment, is it safe to go back to my normal activities?

Absolutely, there is no down time after laser treatments. There are no negative side effects to be concerned with following a therapeutic session.

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