What Is It?

Every Topricin product contains unique combinations of natural botanicals and diluted natural venoms. Topricin proficiently eases swelling, stiffness, numbness, tingling, and burning pain linked to various soft tissue conditions. These encompass arthritis, joint diseases such as bone and heel spurs, carpel tunnel syndrome, and other compression neuropathies. Additionally, it effectively addresses muscle cramps and discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders, legs, hands, and feet.


Why is it good for you, compared to other OTC medications

Since 1994, Topricin has been extensively and safely utilized for over 25 years. Body pain affects over 88% of the population, and chronic pain is prevalent among Americans. In children, pain can significantly impact school performance, attendance, and interactions with peers. Similarly, in adults, pain leads to physical and psychological impairment.

In contrast, acetaminophen has become the most commonly used analgesic in the United States. Despite being safe at therapeutic doses, it’s also the leading cause of acute liver failure in the country.

Topricin Vs other Topicals 

Topricin manages pain by employing a blend of natural biomedicines that stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanisms to address the underlying damage causing the pain. It achieves this by boosting circulation and drawing fluid to detoxify and activate cells at the site of injury.

In contrast, Voltaren Gel operates by diminishing the hormones responsible for inflammation and pain in the body. Meanwhile, Biofreeze alleviates arthritis pain through a cooling sensation on the skin.

For individuals inclined towards a natural approach, Topricin’s ingredients make it a preferred choice due to its natural process of pain management.

Why we recommend it to our patients

Topricin stands out as an excellent solution for nerve and muscle pain. It boasts a scent-free formula and absorbs quickly into the skin, delivering fast relief. For optimal results, apply Topricin approximately 3-4 times daily. This product is effective in alleviating inflammation, pain, and muscle cramps. Dr. Wendy strongly advocates for Topricin, selling it in her office due to its efficacy. If you’re interested in purchasing a jar, we have them available at the front desk.

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