The “Mini Fitness”

Have you heard of the “mini fitness”?Finding time for exercise amid the hustle and bustle of daily life can indeed feel overwhelming. I get it. We’ve all said, “Who has time to exercise when you’re a…” .

Just fill in the blank: working parent, working night shifts, entrepreneur, student, person who commutes, or parent who stays at home keeping children alive. You’re not alone in trying to figure out how to fit exercise into your day.

mini fitness

Here are a few tips of the “mini fitness” to get you move more during everyday life without having to block more time out of your busy schedule.

  1. Take the stairs

Opting for stairs over the elevator boosts your heart rate, enhances balance, and strengthens those lower extremities. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous and have a spare moment, throw in some heel raises off a step for a calf workout or take those stairs two at a time.

Skip the elevator—your body and heart will give you a round of applause!

2. Incorporate walking meetings

For those working from home or engrossed in virtual conference calls, consider incorporating a walk during at least one of your daily calls.

If you don’t require a screen for tasks like reviewing spreadsheets, pop in your headphones, tuck your phone into your pocket, and tackle the world’s conundrums on the move. It’s a refreshing way to shake up your daily routine.

Even if you’re in an office setting, try taking your one-on-one meetings outdoors. Walking together not only fosters team bonding but may also lead to more creative and innovative ideas.

3. Lunge it up

Turn your grocery shopping into a mini workout by trying walking lunges down the supermarket aisles while holding onto the cart. The cart provides a solid balance point, and with each pass, you can knock out about 10–20 lunges, depending on aisle length. Give it a go—it’s surprisingly enjoyable!

4. Sitting on a exercise ball

Upgrade your office chair to a stability ball for a back-pain-friendly and posture-improving alternative. While seated on the ball, incorporate gentle mobility stretches for your neck, pelvis, and spine.

Engage your core stabilizers by incorporating a hula-hoop motion and tucking and untucking your pelvis. For an extra abdominal workout, consider seated marches or other exercises on the ball, all achievable while at your desk! It’s a subtle but effective way to sneak some fitness into your work routine.

5. Park far away

Safety first, of course, but if you find yourself in a secure and well-lit environment, think about parking a bit farther from the entrance of your destination. Those extra minutes of walking here and there can accumulate over time, giving a boost to your daily step count!

6. Exercise or stretch during TV time

If you watch a 30-minute show and stay active throughout, that’s an additional 30 minutes of exercise in your routine. You can even start by moving during commercials if that feels more manageable.

Keep your exercise equipment near your binge-watching spot and sneak in some bodyweight exercises or even foam rolling during your show. A few reps of bicep curls, tricep presses, or arm raises with light weights can make a significant difference in your arm strength, posture, and overall well-being. It’s a win-win for entertainment and fitness!

mini fitness

The bottom line

We all lead busy lives and understand the importance of incorporating exercise. Be confident that every moment you dedicate to physical activity accumulates, and you’ll experience the advantages of staying active, even with small, incremental efforts like the “mini fitness”. If you need help to establish a routine, call us at 503-6402800 and make an appointment with Dr. Wendy.

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