Brock String

The Brock string exercise is frequently employed in vision therapy to address vergence problems, including conditions like convergence insufficiency, amblyopia (lazy eye), and strabismus (eye turn). It is designed to help improve symptoms such as double vision, blurred vision, headaches, visual discomfort, dizziness, and balance issues associated with these vision conditions.

Brock String

What is the difference in vision therapy?

Convergence refers to the ability of both eyes to align and focus on the same object or image simultaneously. However, convergence insufficiency is a condition where maintaining focus on a near object or image becomes challenging. This condition can result in symptoms such as double vision and eye strain when attempting to focus on close-up tasks.

Suppression is a phenomenon where the brain intentionally disregards visual signals originating from one eye to prevent double vision. If not addressed in a timely manner, this can potentially result in the development of a permanent lazy eye (amblyopia) or strabismus (misalignment of the eyes). Early treatment is crucial to mitigate these conditions.

Where did the Brock String Method come from?

The Brock String is named after optometrist Frederick Brock (1899-1972), who developed this tool with the aim of addressing his own vision issues. Dr. Brock’s work extended beyond the Brock String, as he also created various other vision therapy tools to aid individuals in improving their vision and visual function.

Why is our vision important for our kids?

Vision plays a pivotal role in a baby’s development from the very beginning. Even before they acquire motor skills like reaching, crawling, or sitting up, their eyes are actively engaged in exploring and processing the world around them. Any eye or vision issues in infants can potentially lead to developmental delays, as vision is a primary means through which they gather information and stimulate their cognitive and motor development. Early detection and intervention for any eye or vision problems are crucial to ensure that infants have the best possible foundation for their overall development.

Vision problems in children can encompass various aspects, including challenges related to eye coordination, eye tracking, and focusing, among others. Children with poor visual skills may encounter difficulties in reading, writing, and engaging in activities that demand visual concentration. These difficulties can lead to frustration and behavioral issues, as children may struggle to cope with the demands of their environment due to their visual limitations. Early identification and intervention are crucial to help children with such visual challenges succeed in various aspects of their lives.

What An Appointment With Dr. Funk Is Like 

Dr. Funk at our clinic offers a comprehensive evaluation process that includes gathering your medical history. If there are concerns related to your vision, Dr. Funk employs the Brock String as a tool to assist in maintaining focus. During this therapy, you’ll participate in several rounds, with breaks introduced when fatigue sets in. If Dr. Funk determines that Brock String Therapy is beneficial for your condition, he may integrate it into your personalized treatment plan. For your convenience, we have Brock Strings available for purchase at our front desk.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Funk, our Clinical Functional Neurologist at Attuned Vitality, don’t hesitate to call our office today. Dr. Funk is dedicated to helping you maintain optimal health and well-being so you can stay on your feet and feel your very best. Contact us to book your appointment and start your journey toward improved health.

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