Taping (Kinesiology Tape)

Taping at attuned vitality

What is Taping?

Have you attended a sports event and noticed athletes with tape running along their legs, arms, or necks? This practice involves using kinesiology tape: a therapeutic adhesive strategically applied on the body to provide support, ease discomfort, reduce swelling, and boost performance.

Getting KT tape may change your pain signal pathways

Some physical therapists hold the belief that the tape has the capacity to alter the signals associated with pain and pressure in your body, signals that are conveyed through your sensory nervous system.

The sensory receptors that exist throughout your various tissues such as the skin, connective tissue, fascia, and muscles play a role in detecting sensations like pain, temperature, and touch. These receptors collaborate to establish proprioception, which is how your brain perceives the position and actions of your body. Kinesiology taping encompasses a technique that generates an uplifting effect, alleviating pressure from the tissues beneath.

This relief of pressure on the tissues results in modifications to the signals conveyed to the brain. Consequently, the brain’s reaction is influenced by these altered signals.

A clear example is represented by trigger points. Kinesiology tape has been employed by physical therapists to elevate the skin that overlays these tight and tangled muscle areas. This action relieves pressure in the region, causing pain receptors to send a novel signal to the brain, ultimately alleviating the strain in the trigger point.
A study carried out in 2015 illustrated that when kinesiology tape and manual pressure were combined, there was a decrease in trigger point pain and an augmentation in flexibility among participants.

Improved Blood and Fluids
KT tape has the potential to enhance blood circulation and decrease swelling in areas causing discomfort. According to a study from 2017, taping has been demonstrated to enhance blood circulation within the skin and facilitate the movement of lymphatic fluids. When the tape is applied, it generates space just below the skin, altering the pressure distribution. This alteration in pressure contributes to an improved flow of lymphatic fluid.

Supporting Weak Zones

Taping enables regular movement, and certain research indicates its potential to amplify both movement and stamina. Investigations have demonstrated its application on tired muscles leading to enhanced performance.

Muscle Reconditioning

There is a notion that our muscles have become accustomed to functioning in an unhealthy manner.

Moreover, taping is believed to rectify posture concerns in the head and neck region.

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