dynavision machine

Here at Attuned Vitality, our Functional Neurologist offers many different treatment modalities. One such modality is called the Dynavision. The Dynavision improves neural processing, hand-eye coordination, peripheral perception, awareness, balance, brain processing, visual and motor reaction times. As such, the Dynavision is supported by Doctors, Physical Therapists, Scientists, the Military, and even many high profile Athletic Organizations. It is a safe device for all ages, stages, and conditions to uses.

What to expect using the Dynavision:

If our Functional Neurologist determines your treatment should include the Dynavision, there are many different training regimens he could incorporate.

One training example could be pressing the buttons that light up as they appear as quickly as possible. The lights could also be different colors and he could make you press each color with a specific hand. Not only that, but he could have you alternate hands in the middle of the training session. Additionally, he could have digits appear on the screen and make you say these numbers out loud simultaneously. This would force you to rely on your peripheral vision.

Another example could be the same as the previous example, except you would have to perform simple arithmetic operations based on the number that flashes on the screen. Lastly, you could be asked to perform all of the previous examples on a foam pad to activate different parts of your brain and challenge you with an extra balancing component. The number of rings he has you working with can also be manipulated to the proper difficulty.

The goal of all of this again is to improve your peripheral vision awareness, or the ability for the brain to more efficiently process information in your periphery, in tandem with better eye-hand coordination and quicker reaction time, enables you to react more precisely and deliberately.

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