Shockwave Therapy

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What is shockwave therapy?
Shockwave therapy has the potential to alleviate pain and facilitate the healing process of injured tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues. This is achieved through the release of growth factors within the affected tissue.

  • Multifunctional: it not only relieves pain, stimulates the formation of collagen and makes the skin more elastic. In addition, it can also be used for a variety of cosmetic purposes, e.g. body massage, physiotherapy, weight loss, body shaping, connective tissue strengthening, etc., shock waves, this is a new and perfect multifunctional beauty machine
  • Features: the respiratory type is better than the magnetic respiratory tract type, and the penetration force is stronger. The processing technology is higher than magnetic technology. The parts used are different. Air channel type requires more accessories than magnetic
  • ED treatment: stimulates tissue cell regeneration, promotes penile vascular proliferation, and cures erectile dysfunction. and various cosmetic uses, such as body contouring, anti – cellulite treatment, etc.
  • Rapid relief of joint and muscle pain caused by long hours of sedentary work and other occupational diseases. Effective and rapid recovery from exercise-induced muscle injuries. Significant relief of pain caused by bone inflammation.
  • Safe, efficient and intelligent: the design of the air pump filter can filter the dust in the air during use, which effectively improves the durability of the instrument.

How shockwave therapy can work for you

 Shockwave therapy directs specially calibrated shockwaves to your injured tissue, generating minuscule cavitation bubbles within the tissue. These bubbles subsequently burst, triggering enhanced blood flow, increased stem cell activity, and the release of pain-reducing enzymes in the treated area. Beyond providing immediate pain relief, this approach also stimulates long-term tissue normalization and regeneration. As a result, patients undergoing shockwave therapy can anticipate experiencing:

  • A reduction of pain felt by nerve fibres; 
  • An increase of blood circulation in surrounding soft tissues;
  • Stimulation of the healing process triggered by stem cell activation.

If you have any additional questions regarding shockwave therapy, please make an appointment with Dr. Wendy and she would be happy to help you. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our business.

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