Tilt Table Therapy

tilt table

Have you ever felt dizzy upon standing? Or do you have POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and have been that told there is no known cure? Fortunately at Attuned Vitality, our patients have found great success in managing and treating these symptoms with our tilt table. The tilt table as a diagnostic tool can evaluate the cause of unexplained fainting. It can act as a therapeutic treatment modality to help re-train your brain and body to regulate your heart rate and blood pressure more effectively.

Tilt table therapy works by incrementally raising the patient from a recumbent (0 degree) to standing (90 degree) position. We also attach a pulse oximeter to monitor HR changes in real time. In the first few sessions, the patient may only be able to go up a few degrees before experiencing symptoms. However as the patient adapts to the therapy, we apply progressive overload until the patient can comfortably work through all degrees of inclination. Other modalities such as warm air calorics, Brock string, and carotid massage may be incorporated in conjunction with this therapy.

At Attuned Vitality, we are the only healthcare clinic in the Hillsboro area to offer tilt table therapy. Along with POTS, tilt table therapy is also effective at managing and treating syncope (fainting) and orthostatic hypotension.

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