Pain in Your Legs? It Could Be Shin Splints.

A common, yet often misunderstood injury that occurs within the lower body is the shin splint. Medial tibial stress syndrome, colloquially known as shin splints, occur when repetitive stress is applied to the tendons that connect the tibialis posterior to the tibia. This often results in discomfort and pain around the inner part of the shins. Daily activities and exercises tend to aggravate these symptoms, and failure to treat this injury can result in a stress fracture. Although rest and massage are often enough to treat shin splints, it is also important to consider how to prevent future shin splints from occurring. Wearing the proper types of shoes, analyzing your movements, and doing a variety of lower body strengthening exercises can go a long way in keeping your shins happy and healthy.

Shin bone injury from running, Splint syndrome

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